What you need to know

LamboMoon is an anonymous, altcoin mining pool. Stealthily earn block rewards while contributing to the health and stability of the network. Block rewards are paid early and often. Just take your pick and start mining!

Put your hash here

Don't believe the hype! Although you're likely to see rewards quicker by mining on the largest pools, the rewards will be much smaller. This is because you end up sharing the same-sized pie with far more miners. Having said that, in the long run the payouts tend to average out between larger and smaller pools. So, long-term, you're wallets will get just as fat by mining here. So why not?

On a serious note: by mining on smaller pools like LamboMoon, you help to ensure that the network hash is more evenly distributed. This prevents hashing power from becoming centralised, and decreases the risk of a majority attack (AKA 51% attack).

Also, in case you didn't know, proceeds from the pool fee are happily donated to coins hosted here (those with a known donation address). Not only that, but time and effort is also contributed to some of the coin projects. LamboMoon is here for, and part of, the crypto community.

Get in touch

Got questions? Something wrong? Just feel like shootin' the breeze? If you feel the need to reach out, you can get in touch via the following places:

AND (of course), if none of those float your boat, you can look out for LamboMoonClub in the mining page chat panel.